Why Implement Omni-Channel

It seems that the least used App on our phones these days is the actual Phone App. I think people much prefer almost any other form of communication then to actually talk on the phone. Even e-mail is going to the wayside. Many of my friends rarely check their emails...

Looking Into SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a relatively new technology that stands for Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network. Basically, it breaks the link between network hardware and network management software. A key application of SD-WAN is to allow companies to build...

Consolidating Telecom Bills

The telecom industry changes rapidly, in both the technology available and the costs to implement and use it. It is hard for a small business to stay competitive if it is not keeping up with the technology available to it. That is where a Telecom Aggregator comes in....
Protecting Your Data

Protecting Your Data

I used to do a lot of home remodeling while living in the house I was working on. Everything was covered in dust for years. Overtime, the cooling fan on my computer sucked a good bit of that dust into it. Ultimately, the dust got into the hard drive and ground it to a...

What is Unified Communications?

Good Afternoon. I just got back from the Channel Partners Expo and am sitting down to organize all my notes and memories from the event. The Channel Partners Expo is a gathering of several thousand Telecom Service brokers, value-added resellers, managed service...

Keep Your Business Up and Running

I can’t think of any businesses these days that don’t have some sort of internet footprint. Social Media, cloud computing, mobility and consumerization of IT make it easy and affordable for small businesses to deploy systems that were once reserved for the...

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