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With unsurpassed practical experience and a deep understanding of telecom technologies, our consultants are well-qualified to add value to your business.

Telecom Vendor Selection

TeleData Select's "vendor neutral" policy helps us find you the best rates. Our team provides complete administration of client service contracts and contract negotiation.

We take the following into account:

  •    Your location(s)
  •    Carrier's network
  •    Quality of service
  •    Pricing & contract

Contract Negotiation

Choosing the right telecom solution has become one of the most fundamental and important issues all in any business. In the constantly evolving telecom arena finding the right vendor and service offerings is often unclear. How do you know which type of service is right for your organization?

Our deep knowledge of telecom carriers and their many product and service offerings makes it easier for your company to wisely select the solutions most suited to your business' needs.

To simplify the process, we can:

  •    Obtain quotes from different carriers
  •    Compare quotes and quality of services
  •    Evaluate different contracts and review SLA's
  •    Remove "out" clause in telecom contracts
  •    Disregard telecom contracts that offer no flexibility
  •    Request addenda in telecom contracts
  •    Remove auto renew clause in contracts

As your one point of contact, TeleData Select removes the hassle with multiple vendors and makes sure a well-fitted solution is implemented, managed and negotiated on your behalf.

Billing Resolution

TeleData Select looks for to immediate cost savings by uncovering non-essential lines, services, wastage, overcapacity and redundant features.

Our comprehensive bill analysis includes:

  •    Invoice processing
  •    On-line portal access of billing
  •    Cost allocation
  •    Transparency
  •    Accountability

Funds Recovery

Stop being overcharged for unnecessary add-on fees. TeleData Select's deep knowledge of telecom regulatory fees allows us to identify them and other billing errors. Once we find them, we focus on getting you a refund.

We understand which funds are necessary and where you can recover overcharges.

  •    Third-party billing and overcharges
  •    Universal service fees
  •    E911 charges
  •    EUCL fees
  •    Slamming long distance services
  •    Phone lines not in use
  •    Long distance usage rate compliance
  •    Repair charges, installation fees

TeleData Select offers a full telecom expense management service to business of all sizes. Our goal is to help our clients understand and take control over telecom's fixed and variable costs.

Telecom Audit

Reduce cost on wireless,
voice & data environment

Business Internet

Internet access options for
businesses of all sizes

Unified Communications

Next-generation business phone solutions

Cloud VoIP

Discover the power, value and simplicity of Cloud VoIP

Is Your Business Internet Fast Enough?

Teledata Select provides the “best in class” voice, internet, cloud and mobile solutions to a wide range of business clients. From comprehensive bill consolidation services, project management, contract Negotiation and Telecom vendor Selection. Our resources allow us to procure the widest range of telecommunication services while providing the customer the Right Provider, Right Solution and Right Price for communication services.  Read our blog post on How Fast is Fast Enough for more info.

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