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VoIP has lots of advantages over regular phone service. However, like any emerging technology, there are still a few kinks in the system. As standards are developed and it becomes more reliable and achieves greater acceptance, it is inevitable that VoIP will eventually replace traditional phone service.In fact, phone companies are already taking advantage of the technology to offer cheaper long distance rates.

VOIP offers a wide range of features that can enhance productivity, reach-ability and efficiency for a business, such as unified communications and sophisticated call routing. TeleDataSelect can provide the knowledge and expertise to design the best system for you budget and needs.

  • Determine what capacity is needed for your business now and in the future
  • What brand or system is best suited for the business
  • Compare and evaluate many different models

Benefit: Help determine how a VoIP solution will provide more value show to a customers business.

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Reduce cost on wireless,
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Next-generation business phone solutions

Cloud VoIP

Discover the power, value and simplicity of Cloud VoIP

Is Your Business Internet Fast Enough?

Teledata Select provides the “best in class” voice, internet, cloud and mobile solutions to a wide range of business clients. From comprehensive bill consolidation services, project management, contract Negotiation and Telecom vendor Selection. Our resources allow us to procure the widest range of telecommunication services while providing the customer the Right Provider, Right Solution and Right Price for communication services.  Read our blog post on How Fast is Fast Enough for more info.

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