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Prior to making any decision on a new business phone system, businesses need to understand the pros and cons of Hosted Cloud VoIP Service vs. premise based PBX phone systems.

Considering implementation and future growth, the question is whether to have a PBX phone system physically on premises or a PBX VoIP hosted phone system located externally by any number of hosted providers. Understanding the differences of each will help you decide which is best for your business.

Hosted VoIP PBX

VoIP has many advantages over regular phone service. As with any emerging technology, there are still a few kinks, but as standards are developed and it becomes more reliable and achieves greater acceptance, it is inevitable that VoIP will eventually replace traditional phone service. In fact, phone companies are already taking advantage of the technology to offer cheaper long distance rates.

VOIP offers a wide range of features that enhance a business' productivity, reachability and efficiency. Two examples are unified communications and sophisticated call routing. TeleData Select has the knowledgedge and expertise to design the best system for you budget and needs.

  •    Determine what capacity your business needs now and in the future
  •    What brand or system is best suited for your business
  •    Compare and evaluate many different models


ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It offers customers digital solutions that can support more advanced features than a standard T-1 Connections.

There are two types of ISDN service:

  • Basic Rate interface (BRI) for small business
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) for larger businesses, call centers and enhanced communication services.

Today most customers use ISDN PRI. ISDN PRI consist of 23 B-Channels and one 64kbps D-Channel that's used to communicate with the customer's equipment and the carriers network. ISDN PRI offers an array of features including caller ID with name and number information.Ideal Solutions for PRI:

  •    Can combine inbound and outbound calling on a single circuit
  •    100% Digital connectivity that provides better performance end faster connections
  •    Can be used for multiple services reducing the need for additional PRI circuits
  •    Features that are flexible allowing dynamic voice and data over the same circuit

Private Lines

Private lines are about security. Once installed, a business will have a dedicated, highly secure connection between a corporate headquarter, branch office, data center or other offices anywhere in the world.

Private lines are ideal for:

  •    Dedicated private and secure bandwidth for connecting multiple end-points
  •    Large-file transfers, including transfers of high quality for medical records
  •    Video conferencing and HD streaming
  •    Reliable architecture that can provide diverse paths for immediate restoration

Switched & Dedicated Long Distance Services

Telecom invoices are often confusing and misleading. A financial analysis of your company can avoid mistakes and overcharges.

TeleData Select can help you sort through long distance options and create a service package that’s best for your business, including:

  •    Switched long distance
  •    Dedicated 800 numbers
  •    Switched 800 service
  •    Local exchange carrier (LEC) long distance
  •    Dedicated outward Long Distance
  •    Originating 800 service


TeleData Select can help you determine what long distance plan offers the best rate and service options.

According to telecom audit industry experts, if you haven't had a complete telecom audit of your local phone, long distance, wireless and data bills in the past year, there's a 90% chance that you are overpaying – possibly by as much as 20 – 40%.

SIP Service Providers

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communication protocol used for Voice over IP (VOIP). SIP allows different endpoints on the internet to locate, discover and establish different sessions or connections.

TeleData Select offers many options for SIP Services. SIP protocol is supported by most manufactures of IP Phones, such Avaya, Shortel, Legacy Nortel, Alworx, and a many Hosted VoIP providers.

SIP service is ideal for:

  •    Low upfront cost and rapid deployment
  •    Pay as you go, grow and scalable on a per channel basis
  •    Application convergence using existing customer premises equipment
  •    Existing high speed internet connection to connect SIP sessions

Analog Lines

Analog lines are often called Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). They provide analog communications service circuits between the local phone company and the customer's telephone systems, fax or modem.

Analog line is a reliable solution for routine business telecom applications, but often not needed with today’s latest technology.

Analog Lines are ideal for:

  •    Alarm systems
  •    Dedicated elevator phone lines
  •    Redundant options for outbound and inbound faxing
  •    Reliable connections for connecting a network or PBX

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