Telecom Expense Audit

When was the last time your telecom Bills were reviewed?

By gaining a strong grasp of your business, TeleData Select’s expense management team can independently review your telecom needs to maximize your savings. Our team will provide an independent review of your telecom spend.

With over 40 years in reviewing telecom bills our team can help your business determine if you’re getting the best value.

Teledata Select has a full slate of expense management services, regardless of whether you have one location or one hundred, We provide businesses with an independent review of your company’s telecom bills to better manage your telecom investment. Our end goal is to lower your overall telecom costs.

Our audits include:

  • Verifying billed rates against your contract
  • Assistance with maintaining an accurate telecom inventory
  • Documentation of billing errors & contract noncompliance
  • Identification of credits for overcharges & billing errors
  • Review your mobility spend for consistent cost across all users
  • Filing of claims & management of the credit recovery process

Contact us for a complementary telecom expense audit.  

  • Analyze Billing Rates
  • Map Telecom Inventory
  • Document Billing Errors
  • Identify Savings

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