996505-131022-cloud-computing-genericMany things enter our minds as we enter 2015 and what is to be expected in the area of technology in the upcoming year?   For many of us who run businesses, some of the technology changes came fast and furious in 2014.   I recently got a detailed lesson from my 18 year old daughter on Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.  She tells me no one uses Facebook anymore.  However, I am not so sure about that!  Several weeks ago I stopped in BestBuy to see what wasnew and cool and was checking out the 4K TV’s.    Just a few months ago 4K TV’s were $4,000, now you can buy a 4K TV for less than $1,300.   I only wish I held off a few months from buying my new 55 inch TV at Costco.

Technology changes fast and it is important to stay educated with the best options and solutions.  I have listed some things to expect in 2015.

Need for Network Security
Mobile applications and mobile search continue to drive the need for network security. Smartphone and tablet shipments are expected to outpace traditional desktops during 2015. With mobile devices on the rise, businesses need to ensure the security of these devices and prevent business networks from being compromised.

Cloud Adoption on the Rise in 2015
Estimates are that spending on hosted cloud services will exceed 25 billion by the end of 2015. Based on the dependence of using cloud computing, there will also be a larger focus on how best to secure customers data. We also need to be concerned with social and mobile encryption policies, along with disaster recovery and data protection. At TeleData Select we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are working to integrate our tablets and windows smartphones so we can access the same information on the go. Today’s customers and business need options that integrate many different elements which provide device convenience, but do not lack security.

Shop around for options
Before you buy any new equipment, explore all the different options for equipment, computer servers, phone systems, cloud providers and even internet service providers. The cost of internet service is getting lower all the time; plus there are some great deals from Hosted VoIP Telephone providers that have all the features of many high end PBX’s.
TeleData Select is an independent telecommunications agent and consulting company that provides Telecommunication solutions to small medium and large businesses. TeleData Select performs telecom audits, negotiates contracts and project manages the entire implementation process of voice and data services.

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