Why Use a Telecom Broker?

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At Teledata Select, in addition to being Telecom Brokers, we are Telecommunications Consultants.

Business owners and managers know they need to choose components that will give them the results they need, while staying within the organization’s budget. We work with companies to help them choose the right technology for their needs and budget. We also assist companies in getting the Telecommunications equipment they need to make the best use of the technology. This includes machines and computer hardware used for voice, video and data transmission.

As an Independent Telecom Service Broker, we offer the following:

  • Multiple Carrier Options: Would you like to deal with one person for all you communication services, rather than dealing with a sales person from each company? Teledata Select has contacts with many carriers and vendors which means we can quickly acquire quotes and information without you requesting it yourself. A big time saver, especially when evaluating multiple locations and offers from vendors.
  • Satisfaction: Our long term success is dependent on the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.  Each month, Teledata Select gets paid a small (residual) commission to manage the telecommunication service of their customers. This ensures that we continue to provide clients with exceptional customer service for years.
  • Transparency:  Some telecom providers provide great pricing, but they take what feels like forever to install the services, others have poor billing and are unorganized. We can explain the good and bad of each carrier and what to expect based on real life experience.
  • No Sales Quotas: Many telecom providers put their sales people under unrealistic sales quotas and end up with pushy unprofessional sales staff and high turnover. As mentioned, we have a vested interest in a customer’s long term success. We help customers make informed educated decisions without the need of sales quotas.
  • Single Point of Contact: When you need help with billing or service issues, often your sales person is no longer available to be your advocate for resolution. You now have no one to call for help and are left calling the company’s 800 number which can be frustrating and downright time consuming. We have ongoing relationships with the service providers and can escalate, troubleshoot and get issues resolved much faster through our channels then the average customer.
  • Consolidation: Many companies with multiple locations and different providers get multiple bills. Service consolidation will alleviate the accounting and support headaches of this situation Teledata Select understands “Telecom Aggregation”. That’s the consolidation of multiple services on one bill and providing a “one stop shopping” model that saves you time and money.
  • Pricing and Support: In an effort to reduce costs, many Telecom companies reduced their sales staffs and only work with Telecom Brokers. This allows us to offer services from a wider range of providers than a small business may have access to. More competition means lower costs and better service for you.

The technology around telecommunications is changing and changing rapidly. Business owners have better things to do than try to keep up with them. At no cost to you, we can review your current telecom service and be your representative in getting you the best possible telecom service at the lowest possible cost.


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Don Miller is the Program Manager for TeleData Select. TeleData Select is an independent Telecom Broker and Consultant based in Atlanta, GA representing just about every telecom provider across the US and abroad. We understand the pitfalls customers make in “going it alone” and dealing directly with telecom providers. Our industry knowledge along with having “seen it all” allows us to provide customers unbiased quality solutions for Voice, Data Mobile and Cloud Solutions. Contact TeleData Select today for a complementary telecom audit, we may find ways to reduce your telecom costs between 20-70% and enjoy an overall better experience as well as time savings.

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