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Whether you’re looking for simple internet access or a full suite of business telecom services.  Get help to buy, ,negotiate, and manage yoru telecom…without spending a dime. 

High Speed Internet Access

The foundation of your business’s telecom services and tools is its connection to the internet. Whether you’re looking for simple internet access or a full suite of business telecom services, a fast reliable internet connection is critical. Selecting the right internet provider for your business is important.

By using an experienced telecom professional, you can be certain that you are getting the best provider for your immediate and future needs. TeleData Select uses 20+ years of telecommunications experience to analyze their customer’s needs, research options, and recommend available solutions.

Our thorough methodology is performed at no fee to the customer and assures that each customer gets proven data and internet services that offer the flexibility and scalability that are tailored to their business model.


Fiber Internet 

Fiber internet works using fiber-optic lines to transmit data. If uploading data is an important part of your business model this may be an option for you.

Cable Internet-Coax Cable 

​One of the most popular and widely available source of broadband internet is via coaxial cable. The extra bandwidth that is not used for cable Television traffic is used to achieve extremely fast access to the Web.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless Internet is a fast-growing broadband internet service that uses stationary wireless access points to “beam” connectivity directly to customers within its coverage area.


Wireless Internet-5G

The next generation wireless technologies are being built out in many major markets.  5G offers supper fast wireless delivered by the traditional cell phone Wireless providers.  It is expected to vastly and quickly change the face of networking.

Satellite Internet

Internet delivered via satellite is becoming more reliable with faster speeds than ever before. This is a particularly good option for business in rural areas where traditional internet options may be less available.

Case Study: Internet Access Upgrade

A customer contacted us through our website. They were frustrated with their internet service provider’s speed and repeated service outages. After asking questions and learning about the issues they were having with their internet, it became clear the customer was also unhappy with their old phone system. The old phone system was no longer being supported by the local company and it was impossible to find anyone to service their 16 year old system. The customer’s old auto attendant greeting had not been updated in years and many users could not access their voice mail or change the password.

After discussing the various issues and needs it was determined the Internet issues and phone issues needed to be addressed at the same time. TeleData Select took control and reached out to several internet service providers and by doing research it was determined that ATT-ABF fiber was now available. TeleData Select also contacted their partner support team at Comcast to have Comcast help research possible solutions. After an evaluation by Comcast they decided to change the pathway into the customer suite to another part of the building which resulted in a more stable and faster internet connection.

The final recommendation regarding the internet was to also add a second internet connection via the new low cost ATT-AFB fiber and connect both internet circuits to an SD-WAN solution. The added internet circuit provided distinct and separate internet pathways with failover and redundancy.


Let us Help Make it Easy

We’ve helped hundreds of companies over the last 20 years audit and streamline the process of buying and managing Telecom services.


What People Are Saying

John Hagan, the owner of TeleData Select did a great job supervising our low voltage cable install; the job was done quickly efficiently and for a fair price. I am more than happy to recommend to my clients who need telecom services, TeleData Select.

Stuart Rosenthal

Rosenthal & Kaplan Certified Public Accountants

Our staffing firm Express Professionals located in Atlanta, GA provides temp, temp to hire and permanent placement for employees throughout the Atlanta Area. We are dependent on the phone and need quality service for voice and data services. So after spending months dealing with ATT trying to fix the quality of our voice lines, I reached out to TeleData Select to help fix a major issue we had with our voice lines. After we tried for months to get someone to help us with lots of finger-pointing, we turned to John Hagan and his team and TeleData Select. The time spent and the thorough analysis of our problem by TeleData Select was really a game changer for us. I would recommend Teledata Select to anyone needing a consultative analysis due to phone issues or to any company just looking to save money with their telecom and data services expenses.

Eric Watson

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

We are delighted with our new phone system. Working with (Teledata Select) our new phone system has been configured with exactly the functionality we were hoping for. John and his team at TeleData Select have been fantastic to work with. I especially love the fact that it is now seamless between our two locations in Norcross, GA and Marietta, GA which was a key goal. John thanks for all your help!

Mike McCarthy


We worked with TeleData Select to help choose a phone system. The phone system has worked out beautifully for our firm, it is scalable as we grow. We plan on growing to 15-20 attorneys in the near future. We are very happy with the phone system and very happy with TeleData Select.

Scott Rogers

Rogers Law Office

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies over the last 20 years audit and streamline the process of buying and managing telecom services without the overwhelm and hassle of working directly with Telecom providers.