The Windstream Earthlink Merger is Approved

Have you seen the news report that the Windstream and Earthlink merger was approved?    From the press release the merger will leverage both company’s infrastructures to strengthen their competitiveness and provide a better feature set to their customers. That is all...

Lessons Learned

Recently, I purchased a home theater receiver that can send a second different source signal to speakers wired to another room.   The goal was to allow my family to enjoy a surround sound movie in the main room and I can listen to music on the deck. The only other...

Buying a Wireless Router

We try to commit to spending at least a couple of hours a week searching through the web for telecommunication news, reviews, and usage hints. Although the guide (linked below) is is more home internet focused, I thought the information provided regarding the purchase...

The Next Big Thing is Already Here.

Businesses now have the ability to merge all or most of their telecom tools under one overarching system to increase efficiency and lower costs. This is termed Unified Communications (UC). It’s defined as the integration of the equipment, software and services tools...

How Fast is Fast Enough

From the most tech focused company a world away to the little Bricks and Mortar business around the corner, the internet is the tool that companies use to market, sell and/or support their product or service. I don’t think we are going out on a limb by saying that...

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