What Is Call Center

We have been fielding a lot of inquiries lately around Call Center. What is it and why would a business need one? Coming from an IT background, I find it is best to start with a simple definition to make sure everyone is on the same page. Call Centers in this context...
Protecting Your Data

Protecting Your Data

I used to do a lot of home remodeling while living in the house I was working on. Everything was covered in dust for years. Overtime, the cooling fan on my computer sucked a good bit of that dust into it. Ultimately, the dust got into the hard drive and ground it to a...

Keep Your Business Up and Running

I can’t think of any businesses these days that don’t have some sort of internet footprint. Social Media, cloud computing, mobility and consumerization of IT make it easy and affordable for small businesses to deploy systems that were once reserved for the...
SD-WAN for an “Always” On Internet Connection

SD-WAN for an “Always” On Internet Connection

We have all been there, you swipe your credit card to complete a purchase and you wait and wait for the approval to come back. The cashier usually just shrugs and says that the systems have been slow all day. These delays are usually caused by heavy traffic. The kind...
How Much Will Unplanned Downtime Cost Your Business?

How Much Will Unplanned Downtime Cost Your Business?

Telecom Infrastructure has become more and more critical to doing business. The downtime cost of unexpected network or application failures can have both a direct and far reaching impact on your bottom line and ongoing business operations. There have even been cases...

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

June 1st is here. The official start of Hurricane Season. We have already had a taste of what is to come with tropical storm Alberto. Alberto has left a trail of flood damage across the Eastern United States. The disaster recovery efforts are just starting. Are you...

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