Dedicated Servers vs Hosted or Cloud Servers

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A key factor in choosing between a Dedicated Server and a Hosted Server is your short and long-term goals for growth.  What happens when you have outgrown your current server resources?  What is your estimated growth plan?  How many hours have you allocated for migration or performance tuning?  Adding CPU, memory or hard drive space to a Hosted Server can be done rather easy;  however there comes a point where you may want and need more dedicated performance.

Unless you purchase a Private Hosted solution, which most Hosted Providers can offer you will be operating in a Public Hosted environment which can be expensive.   Otherwise stated, this is still a shared storage and shared compute environment.  Thus, you will want to determine a time or resource point where a move to a Dedicated Server environment is best.

The move from Hosted Servers to a Dedicated Server or Servers environment is different for each company.  One key element in determining what provider to go with is to determine if the provider supports both Hosted and Dedicated Servers.  If so, this makes the migration and transition even easier.  If you select a Hosted provider (Company A) but then need to migrate to a Dedicated Server and Company A does not provide this type of service, you are now looking at migration to another provider completely, which adds additional issues to a migration.

Things like how the new company may handle support, the services they provide, the costs for those services, etc.  In short, this process can be both costly and time-consuming if not well planned and executed.  In such cases, having a fully managed hosting provider that offers both Hosted and Dedicated Servers is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition without delays.

Each organization differs significantly in their infrastructure needs. These needs will then change dramatically over time as the applications and business scale.  Unique requirements and growth opportunities are leading many organizations to seriously consider deployments of Hosted services and then over time, move to dedicated services.  For dynamic environments with a high degree of unpredictability in growth and/or seasonality, providers that have the ability to provide both solutions will be in high demand. For example, hybrid solutions fulfill the infrastructure needs for dedicated hardware performance while providing the cost efficiency, reliability, and elasticity of the Hosted. Also, for high availability environments, both Hosted Servers and Dedicated Servers will be in high demand as well as the business scales.

Have a conversation with your existing executive management and current solution provider(s) to identify the proper requirements for your organization before getting into deep discussions with additional solution providers.  Selecting the right provider from the start is critical

C.G McBride owner of Vitalysys Technologies is a strategic Parner of TeleData Select, we can help make recommendations about the best ways to get the flexibility, performance, economics, scalability, and reliability you require—regardless of the solution provider or direction you choose.

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