How Fast is Fast Enough

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Internet Connectivity

From the most tech focused company a world away to the little Bricks and Mortar business around the corner, the internet is the tool that companies use to market, sell and/or support their product or service. I don’t think we are going out on a limb by saying that everyone wants fast internet to meet their needs.

This leads to the $64,000 question; how fast is fast enough when it comes to meeting your businesses internet service?

The easy answer is to get the fastest possible service your local carrier can provide, hoping that it will be fast enough and won’t negatively impact your bottom line.

In contrast, Teledata Select starts by understanding your current and planned internet usage and builds a solution that will meet your needs at the lowest possible price. Today’s blog post discusses some of the variables we consider when coming up with a plan tailored to your needs and budget.

Factors That Impact Speed and Performance

Number of Users. An internet connection that works well for a few users can quickly bog down as more and more users sign on.

Type of Internet Connection. Cable and fiber optic, in general are inherently faster than DSL.

Network Equipment. Even the fastest internet connection is limited by the hardware used to connect to it. Wi-Fi and Ethernet Routers are continually improving in their ability to meet increasing bandwidth needs at faster speeds. The downside is that older equipment may not be able to keep up with a growing business’s increasing traffic requirements. There is a good chance that the ISP’s advertised speed can’t be obtained due to equipment limitations.

Growth in Internet Traffic. In addition to email and surfing, internet usage has grown to include cloud computing, file sharing, video conferencing and streaming services. Additionally there is internet traffic that runs in the background such as software updates and data backups to the cloud.

Devices on the Network. In addition to the number of users, the number of devices on the network must be considered. It used to be only desktop computers, but today’s business office has laptops, tablets and smartphones actively or passively using bandwidth. Additionally, traffic to network connected devices such as the office printer and security systems should be considered.

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