New Telecom for the New Year?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Internet Connectivity, IT Infrastructure

At the risk of sounding cliché, where did 2018 go? I can’t believe that it has been a year since I was sitting at my desk reviewing 2017 and putting together my business plan for 2018.

I really recommend carving out time as soon as possible to figure out where your business is at and where you want it to be. Having that end goal in mind makes it easier to build your business road map for the year. With a road map, you’ll better be able to identify what changes and updates you’ll need to put in place to achieve that goal.

At Teledata Select, we see how different industries implement, update and use various technologies, technologies that are continuously changing. The most successful implementations tend to tie directly back to the company’s goals and road map. Successful solutions weigh the costs of the technology, both implementation and ownership, against how it can acquire and keep customers.

It hasn’t taken too long to get from a few POTS (
Plain Old Telephone Service) lines, a fax machine and a mail room to today’s myriad communication possibilities. Faster and faster broadband connections to the internet effortlessly support phone calls, email, video conferencing, streaming content, messaging, file sharing and secure remote office connections.

Bandwidth is only part of a solution though. The hardware and software needs to be in place to reliably, simply and securely support all the services that will use the bandwidth.

One of Teledata Select’s goals is to be your Telecom IT resource as you make decisions on the future of your telecommunication tools. We understand that office technology may not be your core competency. With that in mind, we work with various telecom technologies and vendors everyday. In addition to being experts with the tried and true tools that companies are using, we spend a good deal of time researching new technology to determine if it is the next big thing or just an attention grabbing flash in the pan.

Teledata Select offers a whole range of services that will help you meet your business goals. Starting with a complimentary review of your current telecommunication bills to identify errors and find opportunities for savings, better service and more functionality. We also offer project management for new service implementation and infrastructure installs, including fiber and low voltage cabling. Call us at 404-257-1502 to discuss your current Telecom Service Solution and what you would like to get out of it. Or send us a note via This Link to start a no obligation discussion of your specific business technology needs.

John HaganJohn Hagan is President of TeleData Select, a Telecommunications Consultant located in Atlanta, Ga serving customers throughout the US and overseas. His company provides business solutions for voice, data, mobile and cloud solutions for both large and small businesses. Contact John or their team for a complimentary telecom audit to make sure you’re getting the best value for communication services. The savings you receive could offset the cost of purchasing a new Hosted or Premise VoIP phone system. 

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