Non-Profit Fundraisers by Recycling old Electronics

by | May 8, 2024 | Recycling

Celebrating Our Strong Strategic Partner: Data Delete Recycle

In this month’s blog, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on one of our invaluable strategic partners, Data Delete Recycle. As advocates for community involvement and sustainability, we believe it’s essential to recognize organizations that share our values and work tirelessly to make a positive impact.

Data Delete Recycle is not just a company; they’re a beacon of hope for communities looking to make a difference. Specializing in electronic recycling, they offer a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations to engage in eco-friendly fundraising initiatives.

Empowering Non-Profit Fundraisers

Are you searching for a meaningful way to give back to your community? Look no further than Data Delete Recycle. Their non-profit recycling fundraisers provide a win-win solution for organizations and the environment alike. By tapping into the vast potential of electronics recycling, you can raise funds while raising awareness for your cause.

How It Works

Hosting an electronics recycling fundraiser with Data Delete Recycle is simple and effective. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, school, or community group, you can join forces with Data Delete Recycle to coordinate an impactful event.

All you need is a group or donor base of individuals willing to donate or recycle old electronics. From outdated laptops to unused smartphones, every contribution counts. Data Delete Recycle will work closely with you to streamline the collection and processing of electronic devices.

Making a Difference, One Device at a Time

Once the equipment has been collected and processed, Data Delete Recycle doesn’t just stop there. They go above and beyond by providing your organization with a monetary contribution based on a percentage value of the donations received.

This means that not only are you helping the environment by diverting electronic waste from landfills, but you’re also generating vital funds to support your organization’s mission and initiatives.

Join the Movement

Ready to make a difference in your community? Partner with Data Delete Recycle today and embark on a journey of positive change. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable future while supporting worthy causes every step of the way.


We’re proud to collaborate with Data Delete Recycle,  Together, we can turn old electronics into opportunities.   Reach out  and contact us today and will be happy to put you in touch today with the fine people at  Data Delete Recycle.

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