SD-WAN, The right solution for you?

by | Apr 30, 2017 | Telecom Services

We are back from the 2017 Channel Partner Expo and Conference in Las Vegas. Lots of buzz about SD-WAN (Software Defined, Wide Area Networks) and how SD-Wan can effectively replace traditional MPLS networks. Our experience with traditional network solutions is that they can be complex to manage, generally don’t scale quickly and are not always the best value. But we have to work with what’s available. Now there is another option, SD-WAN technology is a rapidly maturing technology that is garnering vendor support from major companies like Cisco, Riverbed and SilverPeak.


A few highlight of how SD-WAN can be a good fit.

  • Seamless Failover – SD-WAN can combine 2 or more internet links to create enhanced bandwidth capacity for one or more locations.
  • Rapid Deployment – As a company grows, SD-WAN can be deployed rapidly without the longer install time line typical with MPLS.
  • Lower location costs – By using cloud based network management software, managing networks over multiple locations is much easier.
  • QOS over any network or internet connection – SD-WAN makes it possible to increase performance for mission critical applications like voice and video traffic.
  • Centralized WAN Management – SD-WAN uses cloud based network management software simplifying network management over multiple locations much easier.
  • Firewall & Router – One device can replace a firewall and router.
  • Cloud VPN – Network traffic can be encrypted from the branch site to the headquarters over the public internet.

Based on what we are seeing with the technology, SD-WAN is something worth considering. Especially if you are currently using an MPLS network design. Contact us to discuss how SD-WAN may meet your telecommunication needs.

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