Starting to Consider VoIP? Here is where to begin

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Telecom Services

Have you been considering upgrading your company’s phone system to the latest and greatest technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)? Are you looking to reduce your telecom budget? This post is for you.

First, let’s define what VoIP is.

In its simplest form, VoIP is a method for converting analog audio signals
,like what you hear when you speak on the phone, into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet and translated back to sound on the receiver’s end.

Main advantages of VoIP

  • VoIP offers long-distance call savings over traditional phone service. By converting a caller’s voice to data and transferring it over the Internet to a VoIP phone on the other end, companies with multiple sites can avoid traditional phone lines and the long-distance charges that come with them. Companies can call to Long Distance non VoIP users for a fraction of a land line cost.
  • VoIP service can be easily and quickly scaled up and down as needs change.
  • Beyond cost savings, VoIP allows for a whole host of functionality beyond phone service. Commonly used VoIP features available today are video conferencing, file sharing, remote offices appearing as local.
  • Competition amongst the various VoIP service providers is strong allowing you to get the best possible deal that meets your needs.
Some Issues with VoIP
Keeping with Teledata Select’s reputation as an unbiased solution provider, it is appropriate to list some of the problems that VoIP users have experienced?
  • As with any new technology, early adopters of VoIP experienced some pain on the cutting edge. Call quality was the main complaint. Over time, bandwidth capacity and call routing efficiencies have increased to where this rarely an issue. Understand your internet usage to determine what you need to have in place to get the professional sounding phone service you deserve.
  • 911 Emergency service was designed long before internet calling was an option. As such, it wasn’t able to provide automated location information when the call comes in from the internet. Much time and money has been invested in meeting the federally mandated requirement to provide 911 services to VoIP users. Some companies have solved this issue better than others so research before signing up.
  •  A current issue with VoIP services is, without proper preparation, a power outage can take down your phone system. A robust battery backup solution can support your telecom services until the power comes back on. VoIP providers also provide a solution that allows calls to be routed to another backup data connection or preset number so calls can still be answered at a  remote call center, voice mail or the companies auto attendant.
  • Another thing to consider is if your premise security monitoring services will work with the VoIP providers you are considering.   Most VoIP providers can supply an ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) to support faxing or other devices. However, it is common for a business to still keep one or two basic analog copper phone lines to support old technology and insure a basic telephone service in case of an outage.


Teledata Selects has built relationships with the many Business Telecom vendors. We can quickly review your needs and compare them against what is available to negotiate the best price for you. A service that comes at no cost you you!!!

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