What is Cloud based Phone Service

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Telecom Services

Blog%20Cloud%20Phone%20serviceRecently TeleData Select received several calls from employees at companies needing a POTS line, (Plain old Telephone) or copper line at their home because the company they worked for required a powered POT’s line.  They had called ATT over again with ATT telling them they no longer provided this type of phone line, NOT TRUE!   You have to know how to order the service and ask the correct questions to order this type of service.

I recently converted a POT’s  (Plain Old Telephone) line at my home to ATT’s Uverse service so I could reduce my monthly telecom bill.  The old Telephone line was connected to my security system which had its own power, thus the need to keep basic copper phone line.     However, with cellular security technologies I was able to now convert the POT’s lines to a cellular based security system.  In the event of an emergency, the alarm system would make outgoing calls using cell service.

What does this all mean to a consumer or business owner?  Understand why you may still need a basic POTS line along with using Cloud based phone service.

John Hagan is President of  TeleData Select and Managing Partner of Telco Managment Group  a Telecommunications Consultant located in Atlanta serving customers throughout the US.

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