3 Key Advantages of having a VoIP Hosted Phone System during Hurricane Sandy

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Business Continuity, Telecom Services

1. No phone equipment in your office

Your phone system resides off site in a secure data center with redundant power and connectivity.    When your business gets hit with a power outage or flooded, your business phone system is still working and answering calls.

2. Easily forward to an emergency override number

Employees can simply plug their business phone system anywhere there is an internet connection or use a softphone app on their laptop.   All the inbound and outbound calls work just like they were in the office.  Or each employee can quickly set up a rule that forwards to their cell phone if power or internet is out.

3.Auto Attendant and unified messaging

Your Auto attendant and unified messaging keeps working when your business is damaged or you lose power.  Anywhere you can check your email:  You can still can still listen to voicemail or receive inbound faxes.

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