9 Reasons to work with a Trusted Telcom Consultant

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Life’s too short to waste time dealing with telecom providers.

  • Do you get frustrated when your systems go down and you don’t know who to call?
  • Have you wasted hours calling an 800 number, sitting on hold forever?
  • Are you way too busy to deal with sourcing and procuring telecom services?
  • Do you want a Telcom expert by your side without spending a dime?
  • Are you frustrated with having to find and buy telecom services on your own?
  • Do you want to stop worrying about telecom and focus on running your business?

Here are 9 Benefits of Working with a Supplier-Neutral IT Solution Provider for Cloud, Internet and Telecom solutions. 

    1. Stay cutting edge on technology.
    2. Get personalized strategy and solution planning.
    3. Leverage the experience of a trusted technology expert.
    4. Gain access to a wide selection of supplier solutions
    5. Streamline to a single point of contact.
    6. Eliminate pressure from quota-based supplier/carrier salespeople.
    7. Access greater leverage.
    8. Develop a long-term relationship.
    9. Life’s too short to deal meet with all the telecom suppliers

John Hagan, CEO of TeleData Select, is a Telecommunications Consultant located in Atlanta, Ga serving customers throughout the US and overseas.  TeleData Select, knows how much time and money you can save when you have an expert to help you effectively negotiate and buy telecom that works across all your locations.  For the last 20+ years, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners buy telecom services, plus audit and streamline their telecom processes, all without the hassle and frustration of working directly with Telecom providers.Our mission is to help our clients focus on business growth and avoid the complexity of adding new technology — and we’d like to help you, too.

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