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by | Apr 3, 2014 | Internet Connectivity

Today’s business are demanding faster, reliable, scalable business internet that is affordable.

When I first got in the telecom business many years ago, I remember selling voice and Business Cable internetdata T-1’s with 12 phone lines and 768K of data for $1,169.00.  Most customers would jump at the chance to sign up for the services especially compared to what the local LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) or ATT had to offer.  Today one T-1 is not enough Internet speed and customers are not about to pay  $1,169 for one T-1.

Business customers are demanding faster Internet like their home cable services which can deliver 10,  20 and 50Meg download speeds.   ATT Uverse, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable and Charter Cable now sell to businesses and offer speeds must faster and less expensive than traditional T-1’s or multiple T-1’s bonded together.    You can get a reliable 50 Meg download and 5 meg upload speed with basic cable television at your home for less than $139.00, why not for your business?

Comcast Cable, Cox Cable, Time Warner and Charter Cable are now selling high speed internet services to businesses at a fraction of the cost of traditional T-1’s.   Today’s businesses utilize the Internet to access essential business applications that can only be accessed over the internet.    Ethernet-based Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Cable Coax Internet access like the cable companies provide now offer businesses fast internet for a fraction of the coast of bonded T-1’s.

The Difference Between T-1 Internet and Cable Internet?

You may have had a sales person from a local internet service provider tell you they deliver their internet service via Fiber Optic cable and not Cable Coax or Ethernet.  They will tell you why Fiber is better and why their services are the only way to go.  Let’s face it, after many years in the telecom business I have found if you ask 5 people the same telecom related question you get 5 different answers, sound familiar?

Fiber, Coax, Copper, Ethernet, wireless are just different “delivery methods” for delivering  High Speed Internet services to the end user.  All “highways”  have distinct advantages and some disadvantages and each solution is priced  based on how easy your business can connect to the Telecom Companies network and what type of access they use.

Before you make any decision to switch of sign up for internet services, make sure you have all the facts and pricing options so you can make an informed decision.   Is it worth the extra money to have Fiber and is Fiber all that much better than Cable Coax?

John Hagan is President of TeleData Select.  TeleData Select is an independent Telecom Broker and Consultant based in Atlanta, GA.  John and his team have over 45 years of Telecom experience and are happy to consult with your business on the Right Solution, Right Price and Right Provider for Internet Service.  Click on the link to here how Greg Rush owner of Buyavette got connected with super high speed Business Cable Internet from Comcast.

Improving Internet Speed for faster uploads

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