How You Can Reduce Your Telecom Costs

by | Feb 28, 2021 | TEM

Your business may not provide goods or services that are related to technology but there are few successful growing companies that don’t have a reliance on technology. Acquiring and managing the technologies that support your business can be a major portion of time and money spent keeping your business running. Teledata Select specializes in the telecommunication tools side of business technology. Here are some of the challenges that I have worked with my clients around getting their supporting technology under control.

  • Rapid changes/advancements in hardware, software and networking solutions can make technology solutions either quickly obsolete or an unmanageable hodgepodge of new and old technology.
  • Home based or traveling workers can bring an added layer of security exposure as they sign on via networks that are out of the IT Department’s control. Additionally, Using their own devices adds still another layer of complexity,
  • Managing telecom and computer device inventory can be difficult to set up and manage over time. keeping control is critical to managing your expenses and safe keeping of your data.
  • Technology leases, service plans and subscriptions can result in multiple vendors with multiple bills that need validation before payment.

The gist of what my clients have been looking for is a simple and cost effective way to lower the burden of telecom tools ownership. And, there is. It’s a service called Telecom Expense Management

What is Telecom Expense Management?

Telecom Expense Management, known as TEM, is the effort to control monthly costs associated with the use of telecom services. This includes wireless service plans and inventory. Some TEM service providers will manage even more for you, such as IT, cloud management, Machine to Machine (M2M), and many more.

A good TEM partner:

  • Can provide a detailed inventory and asset management solution to help you manage all your IT/Telecom “stuff”
  • Has the ability to forensically review, audit and dispute every bill — month in and month out – and deliver 100% of the discrepancies back to you
  • Is an advocate for your business in disputes with carriers.
  • Will provide a single view of both summary and detailed telecom expense reports delivered in the format you require to make more informed decisions.

Together, these offerings provide visibility into and control of a company’s telecommunications environment. This ultimately results in time and cost savings, while helping you manage your telecom inventory.

Teledata Select offers a whole range of services that will help you meet your business goals. Starting with a complimentary review of your current telecommunication bills to identify errors and find opportunities for savings, better service and more functionality. We also offer project management for new service implementation and infrastructure installs, including fiber and low voltage cabling. Call us at 404-257-1502 to discuss your current Telecom Service Solution and what you would like to get out of it. Or send us a note via This Link to start a no obligation discussion of your specific business technology needs.

John HaganJohn Hagan is President of TeleData Select, a Telecommunications Consultant located in Atlanta, Ga serving customers throughout the US and overseas. His company provides business solutions for voice, data, mobile and cloud solutions for both large and small businesses. Contact John or his team for a complimentary telecom audit to make sure you’re getting the best value for communication services. The savings you receive could offset the cost of purchasing a new Hosted or Premise based solution.


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