New Year Resolutions for your Customer Service?

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Business Continuity, Telecom Services

The New Year Celebrations have come and gone and the holiday decorations stored away for another year, it’s time to get on with business in 2018. Now is as good a time as any to sit down with your employees and staff to refocus their efforts to match up with your company’s charter.

I am not talking about just hanging a freshened up charter statement on the wall. This is about looking through the proverbial suggestion box and really reading the ideas with a view of how they match up with your company’s goals. Meet with the staff who are working your front lines and listen to what they are saying; the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe answer a few customer service calls yourself.Customer Service Team

It is important to remember that call quality reflects on your company. If you are using VoIP, does it sound like your call center is halfway across the globe? Are voice or video calls choppy and garbled? If so, it might be time to upgrade your internet connection. Maybe there is better high speed internet services available to your locations.

Get to know your customers and how they are interacting with you. Are there any services and tools that can help you support your customers. The buzzword of the day is Omni-Channel Marketing. This allows customers to get in touch with you by whatever electronic means they have available to them. Consider things that will make your employees’ jobs easier? Find out how they feel about the tools they now have. What’s working, what’s wasting their time?

Are there any new tools or services out there that you can add to your sales offering that will be a demonstrable value-add for your customers? For example, Nexmo is a company that provides software to enable chat with your customer service team within your website. Just a warning, weigh the benefits of offering a useful product versus the risk that it is not fully baked. Do your research.

Look at what your competition is doing. It might be time to make sure your marketing strategy highlights why you are the better choice. Find out from your sales people what they are seeing out in the market by way of competition, customer needs and product trends.

Where is your company’s data stored? Is it stored securely and is it backed up? Check into backup services providers that can save your data off site. Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon Web Services and Google Drive are three big name data backup providers. If you already have a service, it’s always best to test that you can get the data back.

No one can really predict what 2018 will bring. If you keep your eyes and ears open to what is going on around you, the opportunities that present themselves will never be too far out of reach.

Happy New Year!!!


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