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Telecommuting is no longer a choice for many workers and business, it is a necessity.   We help businesses find the right  solution  for a remote workforce without the overwhelming hassle of having to determine what solution is best.



Telecom Solutions to Support Remote Workers

Remote work has become a common solution in today’s business environment. If you are planning to continue with (or implement) a remote work business model, it is important to know what is needed to set your remote workers up for success.

Working remotely requires a wide range of tools, policies and procedures to be productive. It starts with a secure, fast and reliable connections to company data and applications. It quickly grows to managing the devices employees use to do their job, backup and storage of data, communication tools and expense management.

Working with a telecom solutions consultant is the best way to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met in a way that supports your business and your employees.

Who is a Remote Worker?

When thinking about remote workers, someone who is 100% remote might come to mind. In fact, remote working is so much more. 

  • Employees who work from home occasionally or only a few days a week
  • Employees on business trips
  • Employees living in vacation housing
  • Employees temporarily caring for other family members
  • On-site sales people
  • Contractors and out-sourced service providers

As more companies move to a hybrid or remote work system beyond 2020, it is important to stay ahead of the change and have a communications plan.

Case Study: Adapting Technology to the New Remote Working World

After his company implemented their Covid-19 remote work business model, the owner walked through the now empty office space and noticed all the desk phones sitting unused. He realized that this was the perfect opportunity to streamline and reduce their IT and Telecom costs.

Teledata Select was chosen to help with this effort.

We started with a thorough analysis of their hardware and software inventory with a goal of reducing expenses and getting rid of out-dated and unused equipment.

The company already had Microsoft Teams implemented for screen share and internal communication, so building off the Teams platform for all communication needs made sense. After reviewing Microsoft voice solutions versus a direct routing partner with unlimited calling, the choice was simple. The customer chose a native direct routing solution from a Microsoft Partner that provides seamless turnkey solutions within Teams and trained all the end users.

This allowed the company to drop its outdated and unused telecom equipment, removing unneeded software, streamlining their tech stack and taking better advantage of Microsoft Teams’ full functionality.

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What People Are Saying

John Hagan, the owner of TeleData Select did a great job supervising our low voltage cable install; the job was done quickly efficiently and for a fair price. I am more than happy to recommend to my clients who need telecom services, TeleData Select.

Stuart Rosenthal

Rosenthal & Kaplan Certified Public Accountants

Our staffing firm Express Professionals located in Atlanta, GA provides temp, temp to hire and permanent placement for employees throughout the Atlanta Area. We are dependent on the phone and need quality service for voice and data services. So after spending months dealing with ATT trying to fix the quality of our voice lines, I reached out to TeleData Select to help fix a major issue we had with our voice lines. After we tried for months to get someone to help us with lots of finger-pointing, we turned to John Hagan and his team and TeleData Select. The time spent and the thorough analysis of our problem by TeleData Select was really a game changer for us. I would recommend Teledata Select to anyone needing a consultative analysis due to phone issues or to any company just looking to save money with their telecom and data services expenses.

Eric Watson

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

We are delighted with our new phone system. Working with (Teledata Select) our new phone system has been configured with exactly the functionality we were hoping for. John and his team at TeleData Select have been fantastic to work with. I especially love the fact that it is now seamless between our two locations in Norcross, GA and Marietta, GA which was a key goal. John thanks for all your help!

Mike McCarthy


We worked with TeleData Select to help choose a phone system. The phone system has worked out beautifully for our firm, it is scalable as we grow. We plan on growing to 15-20 attorneys in the near future. We are very happy with the phone system and very happy with TeleData Select.

Scott Rogers

Rogers Law Office

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