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Have you given serious thought to using a carrier Aggregator?

Telecom%20BillsTypically, multi-location companies have multiple service providers across many different markets both domestically and internationally. This is a difficult task to manage!  From both an inventory, contract, and price prospective, the entire situation requires constant time and management.  For example:

How do you manage all the contracts and services from different providers?

  • How do you know you are getting the best rates and service offerings for data, voice TI, PRI, POTS(Plain old Telephone Lines), MPLS, Private line and wireless?
  • Is your business long distance rate the best you can get for 800 inbound and International long distance?
  • And all those bills!  Is anyone REALLY checking them?

There is a better way!

Wouldn’t it be easier to deal with one provider for all your voice, and data services in every market your company has an office?   One supplier, one bill and one contract with a dedicated team that can handle any and all issues for all voice, data and cloud services.
Telecom Aggregation can provide just that!  They are a cost-effective way to manage multiple sites and multiple carriers, integrating global voice and data services.  A one carrier integration approach can match underlying carrier strengths with clients’ needs to customize the most advanced, cost-effective and productive solutions for each customer and office.  All services can be delivered on one bill with a dedicated team handling all service related issues.  The end result, your precious time is saved and you are confident you are getting the best prices/term available.   Sounds like a win/win to me!

Key strengths in considering Telecom Aggregation.

  • Deliver a comprehensive portfolio of service solutions and streamline costs
  • Assemble, manage and seamlessly integrate multiple network providers into a single customer solution
  • Take the chore out of dealing with network focused carriers
  • Carrier portfolio and expertise to address clients evolving growth initiatives.
  • Can Customize reports or bills for multi-locations
  • Invoice can be paid by parent or individual sub-location
  • Customers can assign specific ledger numbers to each sub-location to assist customer with cost allocation
  • Provide 10 management reports; also can customize according to customers’ needs
  • Invoices can be sent in any format at no charge (PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.)
  • Wholesale contracts with every major 1st tier carrier in the nation that can customize solutions at the lowest possible cost
  • One call for support and trouble resolution
  • Improving overall support and simplify the customer experience

John Hagan is President of TeleData Select.  TeleData Select is an independent Telecom Broker and Consultant based in Atlanta, GA.  TeleData Select has over 45 years of Telecom experience and is happy to discuss the benefits of Telecom Aggregation.  Call or email TeleData Select for a compressive audit or review of your current telecom services.

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