Running a business is challenging, using your phone system shouldn’t be.

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All of the features and functionality your business too_complicatedneeds to improve communication and productivity should be easy to use in one-easy-to-use, reliable phone system.

In the old days when you had issues or needed to change something with your business phone system you had to call the PBX vendor and submit a trouble ticket.  Once the ticket was worked, the tech would show up at your business to make the change and you would get a bill.  Hopefully the service call would have taken place the same day, but often it may have taken days or weeks to complete.   It also may have taken just 5 to 10minutes for the tech to make the change and you end up getting a bills for $250.00

With today’s new VoIP phone systems, whether it is Hosted in the Cloud or a Premise VoIP Phone System, customers can now make simple and complex changes themselves with easy to us web portals.

Some business phone systems have better client portals than others.  So when evaluating a new phone system make sure you get a “hands on” demo of the client portal.  There is a huge difference with many Hosted and Premises based VoIP phones systems, so make sure you understand the pros and cons.

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