The Windstream Earthlink Merger is Approved

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Telecom News

Have you seen the news report that the Windstream and Earthlink merger was approved?    From the press release the merger will leverage both company’s infrastructures to strengthen their competitiveness and provide a better feature set to their customers.

That is all well and good but we have been through mergers before and they can be a very bumpy ride for customers when calling the support desk.    Many times what happens is you call the company only to be transferred to another agent because the agent you called does not have access to your account.   You then get transferred to another agent and you then have to explain your situation again or your call gets dropped and you have to start the entire process over again which really eats into your day.   If your lucky, you will finally get ahold of someone that can help. 

Mergers in Telecom are challenging.   Just recently XO was bought by Verizon Telecom, we also saw Level3 purchase TW Telecom.  Avaya a PBX phone system manufactures filled Chapter 11 bankruptcy and now Windstream merges with Earthlink?   So while the merger sounds good, you need to watch out for the pitfalls and challenges a merger can bring to your day to day telecom account.   It always helps to have a trusted advocate and resource.   

I am confident we’ll see more and more mergers in the coming years especially with premises based PBX phone providers and hosted cloud based VoIP providers.  

 TeleData Select is an independent telecom agent and consulting company based in Atlanta, GA.   WE help companies in three Primary areas:  Finding the best business internet service at the best price, Finding the best VoIP phone service and the third is we project manage everything so our customer do not have to deal with telecom “Stuff”  

 What makes us unique from other companies in the industry is that our 1) Experience allows for an unbiased objective analysis of options. 2) We provide comprehensive telecom bill audits.  3)  Our 7 step quality management process insures that deliverables and timelines are met. 4)  We validate our customer bills to make sure they are compliant with the carrier agreements and most importantly 5)  In the real-world things don’t always work as planned.  Should that happen, our team is always available as your one point of contact to streamline communications among all parties to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

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