Bill Consolidation

Telecom technologies and solutions are becoming more complex. Managing them becomes  all the more difficult as a business grows, has multiple locations, is supplied and supported by multiple vendors, and/or relies on services ranging from mobile to wide area networks (WAN). The resulting invoices can be overwhelming. The effort to review, validate and get them paid on time can be an expensive and labor intensive job.

We provide solutions to our clients that can lighten this bill processing effort and even save 10% to 40% off telecom bills.

Bill Consolidation:  If your company has multiple locations and receives more than one bill from the same provider, it is often possible to consolidate those bills into a single bill. Bill consolidation reduces the number of bills a company needs to receive, validate and pay, resulting in reduced administration costs. Consolidated billing also provides better visibility and clarity into what you are actually paying for. Making it much easier to manage your existing telecom inventory. It may also help to negotiate better pricing and terms.

Bill Aggregation:  A Billing Aggregator is contracted to collect your telecom bills each month from each of your service providers, validate them and combine the respective invoices onto a single monthly bill. This helps to streamline telecom accounts payable processes by ensuring the right amount is charged on your monthly telecom bills. Ultimately, it reduces the level of effort that your accounting department has to put into receiving, validating and paying your telecom bills.

Would you like to learn more about how telecom invoice processing services can offer benefits to your company? Call us at 404-257-1502 or send us an email to learn how your company can simplify your accounts payable efforts.

“At the end of the project, our results were staggering”

Rolta Advizex is a leading Hybrid Cloud solutions provider with over 10 offices located in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the US. Over the past couple of years, many of our office leases were expiring and we were evaluating moving them into new locations. We determined that this was the right time to review our current network and phone solutions that support each location based on performance, capabilities and cost. TeleData Select helped us perform a thorough cost analysis on all of our voice and data lines as well as phone systems and recommended new more cost effective alternatives. At the end of the project, our results were staggering:

– Installed redundant internet connections with 5-10x the previous amount of bandwidth at less than 50% of the previous costs
– Migrated all offices to a single, hosted VOIP system which also provided nearly $100K of annual savings in web and audio conferencing
– Removed all dedicated voice circuits and POTS lines tied to phone and fax services
– Implemented SD WAN to replace MPLS circuits for interoffice connectivity
– Eliminated over 25 monthly bills and vendor contracts

Aaron Tomlinson – Rolta Advizex

The time spent and the thorough analysis of our problem by TeleData Select was really a game changer for us

“Our staffing firm Express Professionals located in Atlanta, GA provides temp, temp to hire and permanent placement for employees throughout the Atlanta Area. We are dependent on the phone and need quality service for voice and data services. So after spending months dealing with ATT trying to fix the quality of our voice lines, I reached out to TeleData Select to help fix a major issue we had with our voice lines. After we tried for months to get someone to help us with lots of finger-pointing, we turned to John Hagan and his team and TeleData Select. The time spent and the thorough analysis of our problem by TeleData Select was really a game changer for us. I would recommend Teledata Select to anyone needing a consultative analysis due to phone issues or to any company just looking to save money with their telecom and data services expenses.”

– Eric Watson, Owner, Express Employment Professionals

…the owner of TeleData Select did a great job

“John Hagan, the owner of TeleData Select did a great job supervising our low voltage cable install; the job was done quickly efficiently and for a fair price. I am more than happy to recommend to my clients who need telecom services, TeleData Select.”

– Stuart Rosenthal, Rosenthal & Kaplan Certified Public Accountants

…very happy with TeleDataSelect!

“We worked with TeleData Select to help choose a phone system. The phone system has worked out beautifully for our firm, it is scalable as we grow. We plan on growing to 15-20 attorneys in the near future. We are very happy with the phone system and very happy with TeleData Select.”

– Scott Rogers, Rogers Law Office

Fantastic to work with

“….we are delighted with our new phone system. Working with (Teledata Select), the system has been configured with exactly the functionality we were hoping for. Chris and his team have been fantastic to work with. I especially love the fact that it is now seamless between our locations Norcross and Dobbins, which was a key goal.”

– Mike McCarthy, Pirtek

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