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by | Apr 24, 2020 | Remote Office

While many of us Americans spend extended time at home while schools and offices are shut down to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, we are using our online internet connections like never before.  Just yesterday, I was on a web call with a Salesforce tech and he was complaining that he sometimes has to kick his kids off Xbox because they are hogging his bandwidth.  On the other hand I spoke to my brother the other day who works for a bank and he was impressed by how well his VPN was performing working remotely.

I am currently working from a remote office, where my wife and daughter are all set up with two monitors each in three different areas of the house.  Prior to the Coronavirus, my Comcast Internet circuit would go up and down but for some reason the circuit has been much more stable and consistent the last few weeks.  I am considering putting in a backup satellite internet connection tied to an SD-WAN software solution that would use whatever internet connection has the least latency and jitter, technical jargon for a bad or slow internet connection.  SD-WAN solutions have become so good that you can be on a VoIP (Voice Over IP call) and if one internet circuit goes down it fails to the other and you do not lose your phone call.

This brings me back to the point that almost 86 percent of workers are more productive when working from home and over 30 percent of US workers would take a pay cut of 5% in order to work from home.  Many remote workers say they are very happy in their jobs compared to on-site workers.  For me, I enjoy working from home, but do like to “change my state of mind” by switching things up.  Changing between working at the office, from my home or even stopping at the local coffee shop gives me a fresh perspective on the work day tasks.  However, coffee shops can be loud especially when they start frothing the milk.  Don Miller, TeleData Select’s Program Manager, spends a lot of time on his remote property and does some of his best work using his closest grocery store’s Wi-Fi. 

The next time you have the opportunity to call into a support desk, ask the person if they are answering from their home office.  Chances are they are working from home.   With today’s technology, you would probably not been able to tell if they were talking to you from their kitchen table at home.  With adequate bandwidth and the tight software, remote workers can log into their contact center or call center software right from home or anywhere in the country.

If this working from home trend has made you stop and think about how you handle your customers or provide customer support, think about exploring all the many different software solutions that can help you achieve higher productivity out of your staff.  It is not that hard to set up, manage and implement and it just might help hiring and retaining top talent.

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