The Benefits of Telecom Expense Management

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Telecom Services, TEM

Unnecessary telecom expenses, bill errors and over purchased services have a sizeable impact on the bottom line of virtually every company.  In fact, leading independent research firms consistently identify telecom as among the most challenging categories for finance and IT teams to manage, often leading to massive overspending.

Given the current business climate, there’s no time like now to reduce costs!  Many companies are turning to TEM (Telecom Expense Management) Service companies to assist in getting Telecom costs and waste under control.

Typically, A TEM service provider collects the information needed to build and validate an inventory of your telecom hardware and services.  They then perform a forensic audit to uncover billing errors and recover the money you’re owed. As part of the audit, they validate that services are being billed in compliance with contracts, service orders and tariffs.

Based on the knowledge gleaned from the inventory and service analysis, the final (and on-going) step is the optimization effort that produces valuable recommendations that drive efficiencies and reduce spend.


“I don’t need a telecom expense audit….”

TEM is likely a low priority for you and your IT team. But did you know that 80 percent of telecom invoices have billing errors? Or that the typical company overspends by 20%? This is the low hanging fruit of the cost saving effort.

“My Finance and IT staff don’t have time for another project….”

With everything on their plate, it’s difficult to make telecom optimization a priority. That’s is the value add of a TEM service. A good TEM Service provider has the resources to carry the burden and will work behind the scenes without disrupting your workflow.

“It will take forever to see any savings….”

In our experience, reputable TEM Companies have effectively analyzed and processed billions of dollars in telecom expenses for clients. Their customers often realize savings in less than three months and fully recoup overcharges from service providers in less than a year.

Engaging a Telecom Expense Management service provider is the next step to making sure that the telecom solution you have implemented continues to be as cost effective as possible.

John Hagan is CEO of TeleData Selecta Telecommunications Consultant located in Atlanta, Ga serving customers throughout the US and overseas. His company provides business solutions for voice, data, mobile and cloud solutions for both large and small businesses. Teledata Select has strategic relationships with top TEM providers and will be happy to work with you to learn what TEM supplier has the best options and solution for your business. Contact John or his team for a complimentary telecom audit to make sure you’re getting the best value for communication services. The savings you receive could offset the cost of setting up new and better meeting collaboration options for your business.   

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